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High Holidays 2020 / 5781

As we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, we at TBH are making plans for a meaningful and engaging season that also prioritizes the safety and health of everyone.

We intend to honor the traditions of the holidays and connect with one another in the absence of our ability to gather all together. It is hoped that we can find new and creative ways to celebrate that take advantage of this current reality and available technologies.

Please note that we are ready to respond to shifts in the pandemic. These plans were made with an eye towards best practices and the State guidelines, which we understand are subject to change. We will keep you updated as things progress.

In advance of the High Holidays, we are offering a series of Elul workshops to help you prepare, including spiritual exploration of the liturgy, family education, cooking & crafts. See the list of workshops here.

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780