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Cemetery, Memorial Plaques, & Chevra Kadisha

Jewish Cemetery

The Temple Beth Hatfiloh cemetery dates to 1857, and is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Washington State.

TBH currently maintains two cemeteries: the TBH Historic Cemetery, which is reserved for Jewish burial, and the TBH Family cemetery, which permits the burial of non-Jewish partners of Jewish community members. Both are located within the Masonic Memorial Park in Tumwater (see map). For inquiries regarding the cemetery and burial e-mail the TBH office or download our PDF of cemetery information and guidelines.

Temple Beth Hatfiloh has installed two granite benches in the historic cemetery. Bench inscription is available for individuals that would like a memorial to their loved ones buried elsewhere. Contact the office for more information.

Memorial Plaque

The TBH Memorial Plaque serves as a permanent memorial to our community members and loved ones. The plaque consists of three sculptured bronze panels surrounded by fifty-three wood-mounted and displayed brass plates. The plaque was created by local artist Simon Kogan.

Each of the 6” square plates is designed to accommodate four memorialized names and vital dates. Each entry on the plaque consists of three lines:

First Line: English name of deceased
Second Line: Hebrew name of deceased
Third Line: Dates of birth and death, either according to the Gregorian calendar or the Hebrew calendar. (If you only know one, the other can be determined.)


Memorial Plaque Fee

Each section of the Memorial Plaque (either engraved or reserved) can be purchased for $250 for members of TBH, or $500 for non-members.

To Purchase a Memorial Plaque

To purchase a space on the plaque wall, please complete our memorial application (PDF) and send it to Temple Beth Hatfiloh. The application will be reviewed by the Rabbi for content and accuracy, and you will have the option of choosing the location on the plaque. Once the plaque is engraved, you will be notified. Individuals may purchase as many sections as they wish, and may also purchase space for future use.

Chevra Kadisha

A chevra kadisha (sacred burial society) is available to carry out traditional Jewish practices for burial preparation, including ritual washing. The TBH chevra kadisha has created a resource document:

"Blessed Memory: a Jewish Death, Dying and Mourning Guide. " (PDF)

Inside you will find:

  • First Steps to Take Following Death (checklist for survivors)
  • Explanation of End of Life Jewish Customs & Traditions 
  • Glossary, Basic Liturgy, Poems 
  • An Overview: First Year of Bereavement
  • Local funeral home list, cemetery information, green options & more

If you need personal assistance on End of Life issues or have experienced a death, please contact Rabbi Seth Goldstein. 

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