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Jewish Family Life and Learning

Jewish Family Life and Learning programming is committed to developing a love of Judaism in every child. The most important purpose of our programming is to have Jewish children grow up with a sense of connection with the Jewish people. Our dynamic Reconstructionist educational approach affirms the evolving nature of the Jewish people and the diversity of our thoughts and practices. We strive to connect with families where they are and support their journey as they raise Jewish children. Because children learn through participation, experiences are very important. We encourage families to participate in as many activities that foster this sense of connection for them, while understanding that not all families will choose all available options.

Darchei Noam

For school aged children younger than b’nai mitzvah, we have the Darchei Noam program. Darchei Noam means Pathways of Peace, signifying there are more than one way for children to grow into their Jewish adulthood. The program is a cooperative venture, creating a community of learners that includes children, parents and the congregation. We are focused on creating Jewish learning opportunities in Jewish time. Rather than having a fixed class structure, we create opportunities for adults to share what they find engaging about Judaism and families can select from a variety of learning opportunities to build their own pathway to a meaningful Jewish life.


Hebrew language instruction is woven into larger group meetings as well as offered in small groups called Hebrew Havurah. Students begin learning Hebrew through commonly spoken words and Hebrew reading begins in about third grade. Students learn through a combination of games, direct instruction and practice exercises. 

B’nai Mitzvah

At TBH we recognize the transformative power of the b'nai mitzvah ceremony for children, their families and our community. In our congregation we are able to give individual attention to each student during this coming of age experience to ensure that it is meaningful and fun. B'nai Mitzvah doesn't need to look the same for each person and we work to ensure the experience is meaningful to all involved. 

Download our B'nai Mitzvah Manual (PDF)

Family Shabbat Services

During the school year, monthly family services provide an opportunity for school age children to engage with Jewish liturgy and share in a multigenerational Jewish community. Called Growing Shabbat, these services are geared toward younger participants and include opportunities for both celebrating and learning. All ages are welcome. Dinners are incorporated into the evening as an opportunity for community building. Often these celebrations happen at Camp Solomon Schechter to allow families an opportunity to enjoy the space and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. These celebrations are free to participants thanks to a generous grant from the Samis Foundation. 


PJ Library

PJ Library is a national program providing free Jewish books and music for children ages six months to eight years. This unique book program shares Jewish stories that can help families talk about values and traditions that are important to them.  To register, visit the PJ Library website and click on the red "Sign up in this community" button. The monthly gift of a book is also supported by TBH programs and gatherings. For example, TBH offers a monthly PJ Playdate, which is an opportunity for families of preschool aged kids to come together and play around the themes of a book they may have just received. 

PJ Our Way is a follow up program for children age 9-12. This program allows children to select their own books from a curated list as well as contribute to the program with book ratings, video reviews and trivia. In person activities include fun get togethers to connect around themes from the books or other things important to this age group. 

Summer Camp

We participate in the annual Interfaith Works Summer Day camp which takes place the last week of July.

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