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TBH Communal Health

Updated SEPTEMBER 2023:

The Temple Beth Hatfiloh community and board is committed to the values of pikuach nefesh (saving life) and kol yizrael areivim zeh l'zeh (all Jews are resposible to one another). Through the COVID-19 Pandemic, we as a community have gained new understanding for best practices to protect our communal health and allow for multi-access programming. With the end of the federal COVID-19 Health Emergency in May 2023, the TBH board upholds these values and best practices moving forward to continue proactively promoting healthy and safe community.

For all TBH events:

  • Masking is not required, but recommended to safeguard individual health as needed
  • All vaccinations and boosters as recommended by the CDC are strongly encouraged

We ask that:

  • You do not come to TBH if you are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
  • You observe practices to mitigate the spread of germs (sneezing/coughing into elbows, regular hand sanitation, thorough hand washing after using restrooms, etc.)
  • You do not come to TBH if you have knowingly contracted any publicly communicable disease, regardless of whether or not you have symptoms.

TBH has also a number of general practices in place to help lessen transmission of communicable diseases:

  • TBH will follow all guidance of the Thurston County Department of Health

  • Public areas and surfaces are cleaned regularly

  • The social hall has portable HEPA air purifiers, the sanctuary has forced air heating equipped with Merv 13 filters and the HVAC system in the office/classroom wing is equipped with Merv 13 filters.

  • Windows and doors will be kept open as feasible to increase airflow.

  • Sanitizer dispensers are located in the main entry, the social hall, and sanctuary.

  • Medical masks are available by the main entry.

Temple Beth Hatfiloh is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to support access and inclusion of all community members.

To promote general health and safety:

  • General emergency procedures are posted in every room, along with a map marking emergency resources and exits

  • First aid kits can be found on the first and second floor of the building

  • An AED is in the social hall

  • Several doses of Naloxone are available

  • Staff are encouraged to receive training in first aid procedures

In providing food for the community, TBH will make best efforts to identify foods with common allergens and provide alternatives as requested. People bringing food from home are encouraged to provide a list of ingredients, and participants are encouraged to inform program organizers of any food allergies or sensitivities.

In consideration of people who are made ill by exposure to chemical fragrances, please refrain from using noticeably scented products, such as perfume, cologne, oils, lotions or hair products on the days when you come to TBH.

No smoking or vaping will be permitted in the TBH building or in the courtyard.

TBH continues to be committed to multi-access programming, and services and events will be both in-person and on-line as feasible. We encourage outdoor events when weather and scheduling permits.

In-person attendees acknowledge the risk of exposure to transmissible illness, assume all such risk, and TBH will not be held liable. We invite you to make careful decisions for your own personal health and safety, and in the spirit of diverse community, we ask that we respect each other’s choices regarding attendance, masking, distancing, and contact. 

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