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Adult 1 Information

Children (under 19 years of age)

Children (under 19 years of age)


As a service to its members, TBH sends out yearly notifcations of yahzeits (memorials). Please list your personal memorials below. It is the custom of TBH to announce yahrzeits on either the Hebrew or Gregorian anniversary.

Background Information
Please describe your ethnic or religious heritage and connection to Judaism

The following are optional, but we'd appreciate your answers to these questions. Please use "1" or "2" to indicate who is writing the response.


As a member, we ask that you make a pledge of financial support. Your pledge helps ensures that TBH can serve as a center for Jewish life in Olympia. The TBH budget for 2019-20 is $336,000. Of that, 70% or $233,000 comes from annual member pledges. For every dollar spent:

  • 39% is for rabbinic services
  • 17% is for youth education
  • 19%  is for administrative support and operations
  • 13% is for facility maintenance

TBH has set a Sustaining annual membership level of $1,075 for one-adult households and $2,150 for two-adult households.  This is based on our annual budget, our membership level, and the fact that households vary widely in financial resources. We depend on households that give at or above the sustaining level to meet our budget. We hope that you will give generously from your heart, based on what you are able to give and what you are inspired to give. You are welcome to become a member whatever your financial contribution is.

If you are joining in the middle of the fiscal year, your gift can be pro-rated. Please contact the Temple Office for more details on this or any other questions you might have. Your gift to TBH is tax deductible.


Please choose a suggested level, or write in your pledge in the space provided.

NOTE: Households pledging over $1,500 for a one-adult household and $3,000 for a two-adult household will be categorized as Patron Households. Please let us know if you are giving at that level and you do not want any public acknowledgment.

Indicate how you would like to pay your pledge from one of the options below:
Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782